Employment Assistance Package - Creating Inclusive and Accessible Workplace Wellness Programs

Reducing and Preventing Burnout. Building a Resilient Work Culture.

What does Employment Assistance Package Include?

1-on-1 Mental Health Coaching for each Employee (Up to X Amount of Session based on # of Employees and Company Budget can be determined during our meeting)

Self-Paced Online Course: Reducing and Preventing Burnout

3 (1-on-1) HR Consultation Support

3 Masterclass on Leadership Supervision (Pre-Recorded)

1 Smart Budgeting Workshop (Pre-Recorded)

As a Deaf-led mental health group practice, we are committed to improving employee well-being through hands-on virtual courses and engaging training programs. Because to do our best at work, we need to feel our best.

It's Time to Take Workplace Mental Health Seriously

In a world where we spend nearly half of our day at work, we must start seriously looking at how our work environment affects our mental health and well-being. According to a Mental Health America and FlexJobs survey, 75% of workers across the country report having experienced burnout. To show up as our best selves at work and home, we must start thinking about ways to integrate mental health practices into our workplaces.

A new study by the Institute of Health Economics and the Alberta Blue Cross found that a whopping 81.5 % of Canadians who participated in digital wellness programs for 30 months saw improvements in several health indicators. In addition, the study reported a reduction in benefit plan costs due to their increased employee well-being. This makes it clear that companies and employees benefit from wellness programs that reduce burnout.

At National Deaf Therapy, we’ve put together a holistic, self-paced, and accessible online course that your team can use to develop effective strategies to restore and enhance their well-being. Our program is designed to provide employees with tools for resilience, helping them stay present and grounded at work.


We provide Mental Health Coaching Services to help your team members stay present, practice self-reflection, and boost their happiness. This helps build a safe and uplifting environment and increases productivity within your organization.



Physical health is just as important as mental health. We teach participants basic self-care practices and the importance of listening to their bodies to avoid burnout, including yoga and meditation workshop specifically designed to alleviate workplace wellness through body 



Our program helps participants find a work-life balance that makes space for tending to their spirit. We offer tangible and evidence based tools that guide your team toward connecting to their deeper purpose and inner needs which will transform the work culture.

Reducing & Preventing Burnout Course

This package gives you access to various workshops and classes that take an integrated mind, body, and spirit approach to reduce burnout. Our program is designed to help you lead a more balanced lifestyle that aligns with your unique needs.

Addressing Burnout Holistically

Workplace mental health looks different for everyone. That’s why we offer wellness programs that take your unique lived experiences into account.


  • Engaging 4-week online self-paced course in American Sign Language.
  • Interactive modules include Deaf centric Yoga, meditation, self-guided reflection, and action-based tools.
  • Evidence-based methods based on clinical best practices.
  • Led by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing experts who share their lived experiences.


Workplace wellness is an ongoing effort between employers and employees to ensure holistic wellbeing on an individual and a collective level. Consistent engagement results in mindset shifts that can radically transform your company’s productivity and trajectory.

Program Breakdown

Our 4-week inclusive program comprises different modules that each focus on normalizing the experience of burnout. Instructors provide validating statements that encourage participants to increase their drive in the workplace.

Inclusive Modules

All modules are conducted in American Sign Language with voice-over and closed captions to be inclusive of people with different physical abilities. Users can view each module at their own pace and as often as they like.

Cultivate a Healthy Work Culture

This program is designed to normalize burnout experiences and create a healthy, safe, and validating work culture. We integrate evidence-based methods that have been proven to increase participation at work and boost productivity. It also creates a bond within your team/program, especially if there are intersecting experiences of low trust, high conflict, and minimal resources for employees.

Boost Employee Retention

Going through this program individually or as a group creates employee retention and recruitment opportunities through practices that value everyone’s well-being.

Participants receive a Certification of Completion upon finishing the course.