National Deaf Therapy

White Paper for Insurance Providers

We do mental health differently.

National Deaf Therapy specializes in personalized tele mental health care for deaf individuals. Because of common communication barriers experienced by our clients, we take on their hassles by offering unlimited access to support in accessing insurance benefits. We offer free comprehensive services to our clients with an informational guide available in American Sign Language. This is how our client is able to better focus on their healing journey while we take care of the rest. 

5 Million Deaf & Hard of Hearing People
need Mental Health Services Annually *


Receive Mental Health Services

Denied appropriate treatment received for mental illness.


Do Not Have Access to Mental Health Services

Most Deaf Americans live in mental health professional shortage areas.


Professionals Unable to Provide Adequate Services

Therapists work exclusively in metropolitan areas and provide in-person treatments.

Mental health is a challenge we face as a deaf community and as deaf individuals. At National Deaf Therapy, we believe the solution lies within our community with ASL accessible therapy from the comfort of our clients’ homes.


Our therapists specialize in issues and resolutions common to individuals who are deaf and seeking mental health care.


Our therapists produce better outcomes by communicating directly with clients in American Sign Language.

Reduced Costs

Virtual mental health in ASL eliminates overhead, 3rd party interpreters and reduces the cost of providing quality care.