Self Awareness

Image ID: Megan, a light skinned Latinx, has a dark hair loosely pulled back and Megan is wearing thin gold hoops earrings. Megan has a dark long sleeved sweater on and she is sitting on a dark green velvet chair with high backing. She is in front of wooden paneled wall. The video occasionally zooms in and out. 

Transcript: Our whole lives, we’ve had people tell us what to do, who we are, who I should be. Now when we are ready to love ourselves and re-connect with ourselves, it is hard because we don’t know who we are. So, how do we gain self-love and connection with self? We must become an observer of ourselves and become self-aware. Practicing self-awareness allows us to re-align with who we are, our desires, our goals, and to what makes us alive and content. [Video zooms out] Now the tips on how to gain self-awareness and to let go of people’s labels of us and what they think we should do.

How spending time with a person makes you feel.

When going through life, spending time with friends, or in different situations, what thoughts go through your mind.

What are the moments where I feel at peace and free?

How do food, nature, and sleep makes your body feel ?

Take note of what makes you feel stuck, resentment, or anger.

What words do you use when you speak about yourself, are they positive or negative?

What consumes your thoughts and how do you feel afterwards, energized or defeated?

Asking yourself these questions will help you find your inner voice and your inner self of who you really are. When we repeatedly go through these questions, we reframe our perceptions of ourselves, we will be able to identify where those voices are from, others or ourselves. This will help us re-connect with our true selves. This can be very challenging because we were raised and trained to focus on other people and how we are perceived.To shift and let go of all that thoughts will be a challenge but you will become more {video zooms in] Authentic. and in touch with who true selves.