Investing into Relationships

Image ID: Amanda, a white woman with dark hair, is wearing an olive green headband, an olive top with a  rust colored leather jacket. She is sitting on a velvet green chair with high backing. Next to her is an end table with a vase and planter holding plants. On the wall behind her is a clock on a wooden paneled wall.

This week we’re continuing on the topic of relationships. You might be wondering if it’s worth investing into your relationships. Yes, absolutely worth it! It is worth investing in different relationships in your life. With your partner, siblings, family, friends, and many different kinds of relationships.

Research shows that when you invest into a relationship, you will learn a lot about conflict management, about yourself, about communication, and become more content and happy.

Research shows that people who are looking for happiness tend to seek for money or different materialistic things. But true contentment and happiness can be found when you invest into relationships. It is known that when you invest into your relationships, your contentment in life increases. When you invest, make sure you are doing it in a healthy way and it benefits both of you. And make sure that you are continually learning and improving. That’s one of the wonderful benefits we have, that we can continue to learn, communicate, understand, and share with each other. We both invest into each other.