Five Love Languages

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Transcript: This week we are going to focus on relationships. We’ve all experienced many different kinds of relationships. So for those who want to know a little bit more about how to continue having a healthy relationship. Watch this video.You probably have read, heard, or seen the phrase “5 Love Languages” in a relationship. So what are the 5 Love languages? What does it mean?In a relationship, you are taking both of your personalities and preferences into consideration when communicating love to one another. How you connect with one another is called “love language.” Love Languages can be divided into 5 parts. To find out what is your dominant love language, or languages, there are free online quizzes you can take to find your dominant love language/s. And have your partner take this quiz as well. So you both can understand how to communicate love in a way that both of you prefer to receive love. Having a clear understanding enables you to be able to communicate effectively and reduce conflicts.So the first of five love languages are: Words of Affirmation. Giving words of affirmation means to use words for supporting, letting them know you love and cherish them. It is about using words to provide affirmation. The second is Quality Time which means to spend time with one another. It could mean going out together to a party or shopping, or watching a movie together to spend time together. The third is to receive gifts. What that means is that you like to get/give flowers, or jewelry or small gifts. You cherish the gifts that you get and like receiving gifts.  The fourth is Acts of service, you appreciate when the other person does things for you such as cleaning, cooking, house maintenance, or plan a surprise.You can either like to  provide acts of services or receive acts of services. The last of 5 love languages is physical touch. That person likes to receive touch such as hugging, getting a back rub, a kiss, or any physical touch to know they are loved. So there are 5 different love languages. There is more information on each part that you can learn more about online. There are many resources out there, just search for “5 Love Languages.”  You can also take quizzes online to find your and your partner’s love language. So both of you can improve your relationship.