Feel Your Feelings

Image ID: Megan, a light skinned latinx with dark hair pulled back, is wearing a chunky cream sweater. Megan is in front of a cream wall that has strands of dried eucalyptus hanging on a rod.

How to process your feelings. You don’t have to numb, distract, shame or avoid them.  In fact, feeling them can heal you. When you experience emotions; ask yourself  know how to do this? Ask yourself these four questions:

  • What emotion(s) am I feeling?
  • Where/how do I feel that in my body? (ex: tight chest, shallow breath, tension in shoulders)
  • What thoughts go with this feeling? (ex: I have so much to do, what do people think of me, or I will never get it all done.)
  • What is this emotion asking from me? How can I care for myself? (ex: read, talk, take a walk, do some work)

After you’ve examined those four questions: check in with yourself, did that help you in the moment?  What you are feeling now? What worked and what didn’t work.This can help me communicate with myself and find what I need. Your emotions can become your guide. It’s not something to avoid.