Anxiety Support Circle


Do you have difficulty shutting your mind off from feeling worried or afraid?

Do you have trouble sleeping throughout the night or find yourself up for periods of time worrying about certain things?

Are you coming up with excuses to avoid doing things you usually enjoy (going out with family/friends, going to school/work, hiking, painting etc?)

Anxiety can be an overwhelming either emotional and/or physical reaction to something happening to you or around you.

We can feel anxious about things that have, can, or will happen in the past, present, or future. Each of us feels afraid or worried from time to time, but sometimes anxiety can become overwhelming, can interfere with every day life, and can even lead to frightening anxiety or panic attacks.

In this support group you will have a chance to get compassionate support from others dealing with similar concerns as well as learn coping strategies such as breathing exercises and creative imagery for dealing with your anxiety.

The fees will be 15 dollar per session, but good news, first two sessions will be for free. Are you interested? Please register! And where would you register? Here: Image shows National Deaf Therapy’s logo with a link,

Connect with and share ideas with others on living with anxiety

The Anxiety Network is a supportive meeting place for anyone who experiences anxiety to be able to connect with and share ideas with others on living with anxiety. We discuss ways to deal with unknowns in relationships, friendships, career and life direction. This closed support group meets twice a month.

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What & Who:

Anxiety Support Circle, led by Lore Ameloot, community member and experienced anxiety. There is a total of eight (8) sessions and each session is $10.


NDT’s Web-Based Platform (online) Requires a reliable internet connection and tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a webcam. Mobile phones NOT compatible.


Starting October 23rd, 2018 and all online sessions start at 5:30pm PST. 

Session dates: Oct 23rd, Nov 13th, Nov 20th, Dec 4th, Dec 18th, Jan 2nd, Jan 15th, and Jan 29th.


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About Lore

Lore Ameloot holds a M.A. in Mental Health Counseling and B.A. in Psychology from Gallaudet University. She currently works as a DV/SA advocate for ADWAS (Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services). She has great passion in bringing healing to people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience and in spreading mental health awareness on topics such as anxiety issues. An impassioned animal lover, Lore is the proud mother of a Great Dane named Raine. 


Hello, my name is Lore Ameloot and I am born from Belgium. My educational background includes a M.A. in Mental Health Counseling and B.A. in Psychology from Gallaudet University. I am a currently DV/SA advocate inADWAS (Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services) I have a great Passion in bringing healing to people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience, in spreading mental health awareness which anxiety is one of them. Last but not least, I am an animal lover and a proud mother of a Great Dane named Raine.

About the Support Circles

Our support circles are a web-based educational and healing space provided by people with knowledge and gifts that promotes growth in various forms and ways. The instructors who runs the support circles get to create a space and share with the deaf community using our secure web based video platform.


NDT provides different services, one of them includes providing support circles. What is a support circle? Support circle is a community-based support circle where people get together to process and discuss specific topics. The goal is for the participants to get together and learn about specific topics from each other, and the topics can vary. The goal is to create safer space to share, so you don’t feel alone. During the process, you can gain more knowledge, insights, coping skills, and support. That is support circle for you from NDT!