Support Circle Refund Policy

If for some reason you can no longer make it to the support circle, please read the terms and conditions below:


If you want to cancel your sign up, Support Circles can refund you up until two days prior and transfer your spot to the waiting list. There will be a full refund to cancel and to completely refund your confirmation.

Transferring Your Purchase

If you can’t make it the selected support circle and want to make it to the next one. You may transfer your purchase to the next support circle session. If you wish to do so you must notify us 74 hours prior to the assigned support circle date. No transfers can be issued that are passed 74 hours. Please notify NDT if you wish to transfer your support circle purchase at

Why all the policies?

We have specific procedures that allowed a fair sign up process for all community members who wants to sign for a support circle. Putting forth policies helps us meet all needs that are required before the Support Circles’ assigned dates and times. On top of that, this allows us to track the final attendees before the support cricle.

If you have any questions about your purchase, please email us at