Feeling Down? Tap into the power of Reframing

Notice the different feelings we might get while thinking two separate things:

 “I just have to push through today.”


“I’m going create a list to focus on one thing at a time and do it well. Crossing it off my list will feel so good!”

Phrase #1 implies it’s going to be a long, tiring, and overwhelming day. You might even feel your energy drain.

Phase #2 has intent. You are in charge. You recognize the long to-do list, but you approach it with a desire to do well.

Words, phrases, images, and thoughts carry a frequency with potential to lift our spirits…or bring us down.

Sometimes it’s not just words – our bodies can experience physical responses. We have a video explaining how to handle these responses, while the blog will continue to elaborate on the power of reframing your thinking words.

What is reframing?

You create frames in your life based on how you assign meaning or interpret events, feelings, thoughts and emotions. For example, a person could frame education as “a place where I don’t know anything” OR “a place to learn.”

Who is most likely to be motivated to learn?

See, when it starts to work against you (you feel down, dreary, fearful), that’s when reframing comes in to shift your thinking to bring more positive energy.

So what could we do to improve our thought process?

  • Journal – Write out thoughts you’ve been having. Write down why, and challenge it: What does this thought achieve? What do you really want to achieve? Can you identify what caused this thinking?
  • Set your timer – Take a minute or two to brainstorm how to change just one phrase. Sometimes the challenge of having a time frame provokes creativity!
  • Visualize – Close your eyes and picture the day ahead of you. What do you desire to feel? What do you see yourself accomplishing? Notice the negative thoughts, tell it “hello, I see you” and stroll by onto the positive mental imagery you are trying to build for your day.

When you practice reframing your thoughts, perfection is not the goal.

You treating yourself well, through kinder words and visualization, is the goal.