Feeling Down? Tap into the power of Reframing

Notice the different feelings we might get while thinking two separate things:  “I just have to push through today.” Versus… “I’m going create a list to focus on one thing at a time and do it well. Crossing it off my list will feel so good!” Phrase #1 implies it’s going to be a long, […]

Not Sure How to Talk to Someone Who has Suicidal Thoughts? Read this.

Honest. Safe. Actionable. Clear. Calm. Normal. Don’t these words invoke a more positive feeling? As opposed to: Embarrassing. Shameful. Awkward. Confusion. Fear. Loss of direction. Which is what many people experience surrounding the conversation of suicidal thoughts, and the last thing we don’t want to see if them shutting us out when we want to […]

How Do I know When I Should See a Therapist?

The first step can be confusing. Most of the time, we aren’t even sure how it works…or even if “it’s a good idea.” Our video discusses the signs you can identify and help you decide to reach out for support. If you feel uncomfortable, know you can reach out to your loved ones for support, […]

Feel Your Feelings

Image ID: Megan, a light skinned latinx with dark hair pulled back, is wearing a chunky cream sweater. Megan is in front of a cream wall that has strands of dried eucalyptus hanging on a rod. How to process your feelings. You don’t have to numb, distract, shame or avoid them.  In fact, feeling them […]

People Pleaser Signs

Image Id: Amanda, a white woman with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, is sitting in a wooden chair with a higher back that is velvet green. She is wearing a black mock turtle neck top with denim jacket. Next to her is an end table holding a vase and planter holding plants. Behind […]

Have you experienced?

People-Pleasing is rooted in fear. Have you experienced putting another person’s needs and wants before your own? Are your intentions for doing things for that person focused on earning love from them? Feeling the impulse to immediately respond to that person’s needs, wants, and desires. The reason why we might immediately respond to that comes […]

Self Awareness

Image ID: Megan, a light skinned Latinx, has a dark hair loosely pulled back and Megan is wearing thin gold hoops earrings. Megan has a dark long sleeved sweater on and she is sitting on a dark green velvet chair with high backing. She is in front of wooden paneled wall. The video occasionally zooms […]

Validation and Dismissiveness

Image id: Megan, a Light Skinned Latnix with dark brown curly hair down and wearing a olive colored sweater using ASL while sitting in a brown chair. There is a brick half-wall next to her and on the wall behind her are strands of eucalyptus hanging.