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Introducing our second interviewee, Bethany Gehman, on our “Heal Talk, Real Talk” channel with National Deaf Therapy. She is a sexuality educator and she shares her passion and knowledge with the deaf community. We are happy to have her on our channel as June is Pride Month and we want to share different perspectives of what and how sex education can contribute to our mental health wellness. Also, the impact of learning sexuality varies in our deaf community; including spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of sexuality wellness. In honor of many Pride events that are held during this month to recognize the impact LGBTQIA people have had in the world, we have choose to spotlight this topic with Bethany Gehman.

The purpose of this channel is to bring awareness and create healthy dialogue about mental health and other aspects of well being. This interview is intended to take upon on a raw approach with authentic questions — on both, personal and professional levels. Enjoy our second interview series on mental health and healing. Check out the video below and English transcript is below the video on this blog.


Amanda: Hi! Hello, welcome to Heal Talk, Real Talk! My name is Amanda.

Megan: My name is Megan

Bethany: My name is Bethany.

Amanda: thank you so much for joining us. I personally have been watching you closely on your Instagram. I saw your video and I think your topics are amazing and your speciality. I will let you explain a little bit more yourself. I really think that type of dialogue is so important and has been missing/deprived from our youth and even adults. understanding what these topics mean and go over how that apply to within ourselves. So, what do you do, Bethany? Tell us about yourself.

Bethany: Really, pretty much, it has been a journey for me and I have had a lot of open dialogues with people related with sexuality. Most people think that sexuality means sex and it means “what you do you in bed”, but really there are so many more to it. A lot of it has to do with our identities. so I feel very fortunate to be able to discuss with those people in the past, because I have personally experienced that myself. I couldn’t talk about many things related to sexuality and once I was able to share that…& being able to let that go and open that sense of liberty. I felt so much better and that experience was amazing so I want to encourage other people to have that as well.


Find more professional information about Bethany, check her profile here:



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